In the late '60s and Sons born Vilma Bof, a poultry distributor located in the city of La Plata, with much effort and responsibility does a firm stance in the market.

Over time the family takes its first step towards industrial activity, starts DOMVIL SA and in 1986 performed the first task on the ground gained in the city of Gualeguay, giving rise to the mark AVEGUAY and a project that still continues to focus on quality, respect and love to work.

1991 - 1994

1991. Inauguration of processing plant feed "CERINER" in the city of Gualeguay. Quality controls are implemented to raw materials and foods made ensuring a healthy and appropriate for each stage of growth.

1994. in the city of La Plata was inaugurated hatchery equipment and machinery with latest technology, creating the possibility to track total health and welfare of the birds.

1997 - 1999

1997. The incorporation of the reproductive stage results in local production of fertile eggs. Distributed in rural farm south of Entre Rios Los Alamos, Los Pinos, El Galurzo, The Laurel, The Ceibos, El Molino and plum. Justina recria ensures the bird in a totally controlled environment of health and biosafety.

1999. Acquired another slaughter plant with an area of 22ha. in the city of Larroque, Entre Ríos. It boasts an exceptional location in the heart of a major production area, and close to major consumption centers in Argentina.

2003 - 2004

2003. Specifically the first export of the company. On 1 June, a shipment sent to Asia bare claws.

2004. A new approach to quality, after a solid implementation of prerequisite programs (SSOP's, GMP, MIP) is incorporated into the program Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and full traceability along the entire supply chain management system of quality.

2005 - 2007

2005. In late September, the first container is shipped with whole chicken to the Maldives.

2007. The first shipments of export chopped giblets and sent to Angola and Russia respectively.

2008 - 2009

2008. Inauguration of Sadr, the plant of high quality poultry products (oil, chicken, offal meal and feather meal) optimizing the use of process waste.

2009. The first export of by-products destined for Vietnam was held in July.


2010. The slaughter-house plant area is increased in 30%, the evisceration process is automated and a continuous cooling tunnel is incorporated. Participation in the SIAL 2010 Fair


2011. Incorporation of a new incubation plant in the town of Carbó, installing the first industry in a small town with less than 700 inhabitants. Implementation of the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005. Participation in the ANUGA 2011 Fair


2012. Renovation of the storage sector and enlargement of the pre-chambers. Participation in trade mission to Angola y Azerbaijan  and the SIAL 2012 Fair. Approval to export products to the EU.